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“The Director of the OMB has the primary role and responsibility for overseeing the implementation and effectiveness of information security in the civilian federal agencies. In effect, the Director of the OMB functions as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of the federal government, as far as unclassified systems and networks are concerned. The Director is to oversee the development of information security policies, principles, standards, and guidelines. Ensuring that agencies comply with FISMA requirements and, when necessary, enforcing accountability are major initiatives”. (Herrmann, 2007) Here at the USGA IT department it is our jobs to make sure all the proper paper work is in order before our CIO come to audit…show more content…
While discuss the action plan over with the CIO we also have to set up a time frame in which is best to shut down the system for maintenance and how long it should take. First we are task to break the information up in to two are which consist of High Thread or Low Thread. And also set up level security clearance for each employee that has access to information systems. With deal this wide rang of different kind of information we have also screen the law-enforcement area who access the system as well the average Joe. Here at USGS my job as the IT manger is to help improved integrity and security of information for all system use by this agency. We are concisely update and sending service patch through out the systems. I also have design an action plan that will continue to get better over time. At USGS we have outlined some guide lines how the raw material is asset over the network. We put it into category High level and low level threat. Threw this process we screen out what information is to be asset by the user qualifications. “Physical, personnel, IT, and operational security controls are to be evaluated at least annually and the appropriate remedial action taken. Risk assessments are to be conducted regularly to ensure that risk mitigation activities are commensurate with the risk and magnitude of harm that could result from unauthorized access,
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