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Blankets, by Craig Thompson is a story about a Christian boy, who lived in a Christian family with a very religious mother. Craig is the main character and Phil is his little brother. Growing up, Craig and Phil had to share a room and sleep in the same bed. They would always fight for the blankets and keep eachother awake. When their dad heard them stirring up commotion, they would be split up and one would have to sleep in "The Chubby Hole". The Chubby hole was a dark room, they call the forgotten room of the house. The house Craig and Phil grew up in was an old farmhouse in Wisconsin. It had a heat circulation/ ventilaion problem so on hot days, the heat would rise to the top of the house making the kids room very hot and miserable. The…show more content…
They go outside to the frozen lake and go iceskating on it. They got yelled at so they went to the arcade and hid under the basketball hoop game. They stayed there overnight. Craig gave Raina his jacket for a pillow. That was the last night at camp together. Craig got home and felt sick without Rainas presence. They wrote letters back and fourth to eachother. Raina called Craig one night from a payphone and told him her parents were getting a divorce. She said she was sick from not being in Craigs presence, Craig said they have the same sickness. Raina invited Craig to visit her in Wisconsin but Craig had to get the okay from his parents. He has already missed alot of school but they were ok with him going because her parents are really religious and he wanted to go really badly. Craig packed and got in the car. His mother Drove him and Rainas father drove her. They met half way which was the border of Wisconsin and Michigan. They met at a restaurant called Kountry Kitchen. When they got there, they ran out of the vehicles in excitement and hugged. Craig said bye to his mother and they drove away in Rainas dads van. When Craig got to Rainas house, Raina gave him a blanket that she quilted for him. He loved it. She said she made it with patches that made her think of him. Then Raina showed Craig around her house and introduced him to her family. Laura is Rainas little sister.

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