Blast and Vorticism Magazines

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Blast is a key literary magazine of the English avant-garde, published during 1914 and 1915. Although founded by Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound holds an important post of assisting Lewis with the publishing of the magazine, dealing with its main theme of Vorticism. Not only this, but Pounds involvement with Imagism prior to the publication of Blast plays an influence in the way literature is evidently shaped and associated within the magazine. With themes of Cubism and Futurism also being evident in the magazine; emphasises the focus on providing a magazine which prides itself in producing literature rich in artistic detail to the themes of its time. Although images and layout are a key factor in emphasising these themes, it is the content for example poems within the magazine relating to Vorticism, that is new in which it focuses on ‘locating the movement and stillness within the image’ . Blast and Vorticism’s roots are said to lie and be based on Pounds history with Imagism in literature, particularly poetry, and Cubism and Futurism in arts . With Pound forming the group Imagism based on similarly “discovering new philosophies of thought and experimenting with new changes in verse form” , he was in constant pursuit for literary advancement. With the group founded in 1912, by 1914 Pound assisted Lewis in the production of Blast. With inspiration coming from Imagism’s ‘objectivity, efficiency and creativity’, Pound further strived for a style of writing in poetry which suggested

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