Bleachers Structure

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My structures that I created were half of the bleachers, 2 hockey nets. The most work I did on a structure was the bleachers because we had to learn how to make them stable and we had to find a strong base witch we eventually we did. My bleachers work because in the end we used construction foam for is base and to hold then up we used a beam going from the bleachers to the ground for more stability and I know that it will work because we used baba and jimmy . For the net I made a design the picture show the way I made it stabile by putting support at the back of net so it would no fall over and put a line in the middle (picture)and I added a metal fence and with that fence I tied string in knots to secure it not falling off. The boards we used plastic for the more realistic feel to the structure so the way we supported it was by digging the Popsicle sticks in to the form and glued it to the walls for support to make the walls stay up and for the score board they took string and tied it to the beams on the sides…show more content…
For the net it has to with stand a impactful presser coming every fast at is without breaking for are I threw a hokey ball at the ones you play on the street with and it successfully worked (picture) for the boards we threw another ball at it to see if it worked and it did seem to with stand
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