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In John Grisham’s, Bleachers, this fiction story takes us through a small town in Messina, Mississippi. Everyone who is anyone attends their local high school football games. Thousands of locals come to the Friday night football games to watch the Messina Spartans play each week. Bleachers takes place in a present time setting in which former players talk about past games. The legendary coach of the Messina Spartans is getting close to the end while the former players await his death. Former players from different years are sitting on the bleachers of Rake Field talking about past games and memories. Because this is a fiction story, none of the characters or events are real. There are characters in this book that could portray real people, …show more content…
There are people like this in real life, athletes who are being worshipped by all, who have a clear shot at a state title. After his high school career, Crenshaw had been offered to play for many colleges. He ended up choosing Tech College because they offered him the most money out of all the other colleges. When Curry asked Crenshaw if he was joking about the money, Crenshaw replied, “Yep. State offered forty, A&M offered thirty five, a few others were willing to pay twenty…It’s such a sleazy business” (Crenshaw, pg. 26). Although it is illegal to offer athletes money, Tech had placed the money in Crenshaw’s trunk. This has happened to many athletes in the past. Reggie Bush, who plays for the National Football League, has accepted gifts while playing for the University of Southern California. Bush violated terms of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and has recently returned his Heisman Award in 2010. Crenshaw also accepted the gifts that were given to him by Tech and kept receiving money every time Crenshaw won a game at Tech. With an outstanding freshman year performance, Crenshaw was already raising eyebrows by pro football scouts. During a game in his sophomore year, he made a costly decision. He injured his knee during a play and it ruined his football career. Since then, Crenshaw does not like talking about his football career. During a conversation with Crenshaw, Mooney said, "Sonofabitch hit you late. I

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