Bleaching Research Paper

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The key environmental points are that coral reefs provide important ecosystem goods and services for the maritime tropical and subtropical nations. Within the past two centuries, the main drivers of massive acceleration in the decrease of coral reef species that have caused widespread changes in reef ecosystems has been due to the direct and indirect effects of overfishing and pollution during agriculture and land development. Since markets for fish have gone global, along with other natural resources, reduced stocks of herbivorous fish and the nutrients from land-based activities have caused corals to be replaced with fleshy seaweed. The impacts of global climate change and increases of greenhouse gasses have caused regional-scale bleaching…show more content…
These marine protected areas range from paper parks, multiple use areas where the degrees of protection vary, marine reserves, and no-take areas. These no-take areas provide the most effective protection so far for extractive activities, such as fishing. When these no-take areas are properly supported and policed, they are effective in the preservation of fish stocks. Unfortunately, they do not prevent the flow of warm water or bleaching. A question asked was, how can no-take areas protect coral reefs if they do not prevent bleaching? The answer is that no-take areas can protect reefs from overfishing, levels of disease, and excess nutrients. For no-take areas to do the maximum amount they would have to be closer and more numerously together than they usually are. Self-seeded, isolated reefs are likely to not be protected by no-take areas. While no-take areas might not provide full protection to coral reefs, they at least provide partial protection. Humans can also help reduce coral bleaching by reducing pollution, protecting food webs, and managing key functional groups: reef constructers, herbivores and bioeroders. Strong international policies should be passed on the reduction rate of global warming. Research experiments, samples and modeling needs to be
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