Bleak Expression: A Short Story

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When we reached the cafeteria, I tried to sit as far away from the girls, but they knew my plan before I could run away. “Jisu, I want to talk to you.” Their cold, bleak expression somehow inexplicably forced me to sit down. Remaining silent, I bolted on my lunch to get out of cringe- making situation as quickly as I could. “Almost done, almost done…” When I bit the last piece of apple, the girl suddenly broke out the silent. “Why do you think I’m a jerk?” The sudden question made me choke. Concerning whether to tell the truth or to make up a story, I unwillingly told the truth. “ Um… It’s just feel like you guys are different than me.” Saying the truth made me feel extremely occurred, but I kept going. “You guys seem you enjoy studying. I
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