Bless Me Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya

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Bless Me Ultima Topic #2 Abid Ahmad Abid Ahmad #1 An essential part of someone 's life is a place where they are left alone with their own thoughts, not being judged by anyone or anything outside of them. In many cases, this sense of safety can only be found within themselves, because their world is being torn apart by outside influences that have little regard for their own perspective. Similarly, this is ever-present with Antonio and his family in the book Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya. In almost every aspect , Antonio 's family persistently attempts to influence him to their own accord, with even his brothers becoming distant memories that left him and expecting him to fulfill his parents ' antithetical wishes.…show more content…
While his mom argued it would be best for him to become a Luna and be connected to the Earth, his father’s side argued that the Marez blood inside of him would compel him to become a vaquero, free to roam the grassy plains and not being shackled by anything. His dream encapsulated the idea of his thinking and identity being imposed on him literally from birth. A child’s mind is like clay that can be molded in an infinite amount of directions. The absolutely worst thing a person could do to this flower of growth is to put it in a box that restricts it from germinating on its own. The only saving grace that Tonie found in this dream was Ultima, who eloquently scolded both sides of the family in saying that only she knows what Antonio will become in life. This concept of Antonio’s parents tearing him apart from either side and Ultima giving him the peace of mind of his own critical thinking is a recurring theme. As Antonio’s mother and father were simultaneously attempting to pull him to completely opposite shores of happiness, they created a chasm of uncertainty that Antonio had become very susceptible to crashing through. Unfortunately, the people furthest away from Antonio only increased the pressure on his shoulders. Antonio had a deep admiration for all three of his brothers that went off to war.Since his brothers were gone for so long, they are portrayed as distant characters that were always so far away

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