Bless Me, Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya

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Certain judgments made by others can influence a person unfavorably, especially if they’re being scrutinized very closely. The notion that generates a person’s path can lead them in many different directions. This does not mean that due to these pressures, the person their self will choose that path. The passage to self-discovery as well as one’s own purpose in life takes time, when having twice the load occasions become more and more obtrusive. In Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, some of the characters are influenced by the desires of other characters. The serendipity is never absolute, the shoulder burdened with pressure only has to become stronger as life approaches with a ferocious momentum. Antonio Marez’s conflicting…show more content…
Moreover, Maria’s lack of understanding and closed mindset impacts other characters largely like her sons, who have recently returned from the war, Leon, Eugene and Andrew. Maria’s feelings towards her sons is further influenced by their Márez ways. She also represents to be a character of inflexibility when change is taking place; even though her sons are back home, her unobservant state of mind leads her sons to distance themselves further from her and their family. Her morals become more and more efficient when they return, however her behavior contrasts her beliefs. When the three brothers rejoin the Márez Luna family, María appears as though she has given up on trying to steer them into the path of religion and her way of life. Ironically, religion generally involves having the chance to reinvent yourself, even if you take a misstep in life. Though, María is hesitant when trying to turn her older three sons back into her paradisiacal way of life. In contrast, Ultima compares Antonio to his three brothers “your blood is tied to the blood of your brothers”, (Anaya 178) this defies María’s wishes; she’s very defiant to when it comes to Antonio’s future, in spite of the fact that the brothers portray more similar quantities than they perceive. One entailing the preservation of certain thoughts, along with other kept conflicting situations. At the same

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