Bless Me, Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya

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Dreams have a very strange way of showing us a perception of reality that we ourselves cannot see. They are based on what goes on in our mind and can sometimes show us the truth that we are hiding from ourselves. They can expand our thoughts to a multitude of different subjects and force us to be a slave to our dreams, such as facing parental pressure, religious ambivalence and the loss of one 's innocence. This is true of Antonio Marez in the novel Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya. Antonio has lost control and begins to succumb to his dreams and loses control of himself. He battles his expectations given to him by his parents and also at the same time has another battle within himself. He is confused in where his faith lies and begins…show more content…
Antonio has now seen that there is power in the river, and however most people would be scared of a threatening force and power, Antonio understands its true power. He already feels his connection to a power other than the religion that he currently practices. He discovers another power that he could believe in. Bless Me, Ultima has many recurring motifs that surface during key points in the book, such as Antonio losing his innocence. After his brothers returned he had a dream of them entering a local brothel and in his dream, he pleads for them to not enter this evil place. His brothers ridiculed him for not entering and only his brother Andrew said he will not enter until Antonio has lost his innocence. His mother was also in this dream and she said "You are innocent when you do not know, but you already know too much about the flesh and blood of the Marez men". (Anaya 76) His priest tells him you are only innocent when you do not know, innocence is lost with the arrival of understanding. Antonio has seen 3 deaths, you can begin to say that he is no longer pure of innocence as it has become tainted by those deaths he has witnessed firsthand. Parental pressure and religious ambivalence play a big role in Antonios life. In this dream we can easily see both of these themes. The divided world of his mother and father, and Catholicism and the religion of the Golden

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