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Bless Me, Ultima Dialectical Journal Passages from the text and References: Commentary: 1. “The magical time of childhood stood still, and the pulse of the living earth pressed its mystery into my living blood” (1.1). (P) This thought that Antonio has builds up the possibility that he will later form a deep connection and bond with the earth and nature. 2. “ The war sucks everything dry,” my father said solemnly, “it takes the young boys overseas, and their families move to California where there is work” (3.2). (C) Antonio’s father Gabriel shares the belief that is found in this time period that abundance and prosperity were to be found in the lush lands of California, such as are emphasized in John Steinbeck’s novel, The Grapes…show more content…
My mother said their communication was with the earth. She said they spoke to the earth with their hands” (46.6). (CL) Antonio comes from a line of farmers on his mother’s side of the family who hold a deep and meaningful connection with the land and nature since it was the source of their livelihoods. Whether or not Antonio will become a man of the land or a priest, his roots will still remain partially planted in nature. 10. “Take faith in God, my child,” my grandfather said and he held her close, “He will return them safely. The war is terrible, the wars have always been terrible. They take the boys away from the fields and orchards where they should be, they give them guns and tell them to kill each other. It is against the will of God” (49.1). (R) Anaya is commenting here on the religious perspective on war shown through the eyes of Antonio’s Catholic grandfather. His commentary questions the power of a faith which denounces war, especially when history, which he has shown to appreciate, reveals war’s ability to triumph over those with unsavory intentions. 11. “On the first day of school I awoke with a sick feeling in my stomach. It did not hurt, it just made me feel weak” (51.1). (C) When I was little I experienced the dread of leaving my mother when I had to leave her side and go to Sunday school in church. There is a feeling of being torn between the comfort of your mother and becoming independent and strong on your own. 12. “An

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