Bless Me Ultima Essay

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Richard Reyes September 19,2017
AP Literature and Composition Period: 3
The common perception within the knowledge that we have experienced throughout our own lives is that dreams are just optical illusions that you create within yourself. In certain interpretations it is stated that what we view within our minds are just rifts between reality and imagination. Everything is ousted from at least one piece of factual information, then distorted by our inability to comprehend what has occurred. Additionally, emotions will always overtake what we believe to be true or false but, the veracity can be revealed if you have the breathtaking aptitude of being able to comprehend all that occurs within your cerebral thoughts. Wanderlust
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Such llano however, is not pure at heart as it is glooming with two impactful forces that subsequently break apart the true foundation of the freedom that it represents.”Curses and threats filled the air, pistols were drawn, and the opposing sides made ready for battle. But the clash was stopped by the old woman who delivered the baby.”( Anaya , 6). In Antonio 's birth the two forces were crushing each other with different ideals but, Ultima shines down as a strong divider and eases that pain within the room. The role of Ultima is in itself a contradiction as she perceived as a witch by everyone else but, is showcased as shining beam of light. The concept of the Seven
Deadly Sins come into play without actually being stated. The Sin of Avaritia that is forecast by the Luna and Marez family showcases this undertone. Essentially, they are forcing down their failures from the past down the throat of their young child. This interaction foretells the conflict that pursues Antonio in his coming of age. The dreams that come later on are pieced together due to this first significant interaction.
Older siblings based on the portrayal of society are showcased as frontrunners who are paving the way for the rest of those who come after them. Antonio’s older brothers: Andrew , Eugene and Leon fail to display such quality. The

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