Bless Me Ultima Essay

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Angella Conteh September 20, 2017 Mr. Amoroso AP Literature 1 Bless Me Ultima Rudolfo Anaya Topic #4 Conteh Page One Death is a promise by God that we as humans still have not found the courage to accept nor comprehend. Good or bad. Old or young. God has promised us all an eternal resting place in heaven or hell, or even in someone. Where we can live through their thoughts and imagination, get a second chance at life through them. Throughout Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya we see how the dead linger and live in Antonio, unfolding their souls in his inquisitive mind and hand him the bricks to make them a home of his religious ambivalence. Life experiences are the foundation of the bridge that a boy of innocence has…show more content…
Engraved in his mind Lupito was tormented by the memories of war causing him to become a beast with a war living in him. With the fear of Lupito’s irrational behavior in their hearts, the men on the bridge filled the role of God in Lupito’s life and deliberated whether or not they would let him live to see another day. Narciso knowing the man before the beast wants to give his friend Lupito another chance at life and begs him to stop but Lupito is too far in Conteh Page Two now to to turn back and fires shots in the air, causing the men in a panic to fire back. With death now only a few breaths away the war within Lupito has found peace but before he can go he must be blessed. Having spot Antonio hiding in the brush of the river he began moving towards him and in his last breaths asked to be blessed. With the men on the bridge now coming down to view the carcass Antonio flees the scene. Running home through the forest the only thing in his mind is the Act of Contrition, the last prayer before death. The tragic death of Lupito sparked the fire of religious ambivalence that will burn bright in the conflicted mind of Antonio. His innocent mind was now engraved with the dying man’s last wish to be blessed causing him to question if God had also witnessed Lupito’s demise and if so why did would he let him have front row seats. With his innocence now ripped from the

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