Bless Me Ultima Research Paper

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1 Roxana Perez AP Literature & Composition Period 1 Topic #4 A star’s purpose is to illuminate the sky’s darkness as it serves to be the guide when someone’s lost in the darkness. But as it dies, it explodes with its remains being scattered, leading to one losing direction. In a religious aspect, people follow the “light” of the star but once it dies, they’re left wondering which path to follow. In the novel “Bless Me, Ultima” by Rudolfo Anaya, Tony experiences the deaths of Lupito, Narciso, and Florence. His religious ambivalence further increases because as these stars die one by one, he’s left wondering which light he should actually seek. Throughout his life, Tony had been following the “light” of the star that guided him in the…show more content…
“Would God listen? Would he hear?” (Anaya 23) The faith he had in God slowly left his heart as it started to be filled with sin. Viewing Lupito’s death left a huge impact because he grew up thinking there’d always be light in his life, but realized the light is just an illusion he’s been made to believe in. When he starts heading home, his body starts hurting from all the running but as soon as he hears Ultima 's owl, he realizes it looked over him the whole time. As he arrived home with only Ultima knowing he had escaped, he starts questioning her about what he viewed, why the men killed Lupito and why Lupito wasn 't saved. Even though she had dismissed his questions, she had assured him that he would start to learn more. As he started to become mature, he started feeling protected by Ultima as the light in his sky slowly disappeared. With Tony walking through his life with no sense of direction, he tried to find answers from God yet that star was nowhere to be found. He noticed that when his uncle had been cursed by one of the Trementino sisters, Ultima was able to heal him, yet God couldn’t. “In my mind I could not understand how the power of God could fail. But it had.” (Anaya 106) As Ultima fully healed Tony’s uncle it caused said Trementino sister to die, infuriating her father Tenorio. Narciso took note of this as
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