Bless Me, Ultima: The Cultural Distress Of A Young Society Essay example

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Bless Me, Ultima: The Cultural Distress of a Young Society

An answer to the discussion question of whether or not there is a defined border culture would need a great number of years in field research, but we can also observe a few of the characteristics of such border culture just by looking at scholastic essays and books related to the topic. Within the research that I did, I found a number of scholars who, while defining the border, mention all the specific or special characteristics of this new emerging society, but who also very few times defined it as such. In the book that I researched,
Bless Me Ultima, by Rudolfo A. Anaya, we find many of those characteristics.
There is already much work on this piece of literature, therefore, I
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An old society vs. a new one, Spanish vs. English, good vs. evil, Catholics vs. Protestants vs. legends, the town vs. the llano and so on. In each one of them we can see the formation or foundation of a new society ruled by Antonio's generation. A new society not yet aware of itself, but new nevertheless.
For a better understanding of my analysis I have defined several different components that present essential keys in the underlined development of a border culture. The development if the Mexican border culture is called to be a mixture of two worlds. Tom Miller says that:
Ironies and contradictions thrive on the border between the US and
Mexico, a region that does not adhere to the economic, ethical, political, or cultural standards of either country (...) It is a third country of its own, its own food, its language, its music (...) It is a colony onto itself, long and narrow, ruled by two faraway powers. (Tom Miller, xii)
In the same way, Anaya's description of Antonio's life represents ironies and contradictions, first in a main cultural collision of Mexican and
Anglo culture, family structure and language; and then, in more deep levels of religion, and basic understanding of oneself. Inner fights and double realities are present through out Antonio's development. Ramon Saldivar does an extensive study of Anaya's Bless Me, Ultima, and as well as Shirley and Shirley,

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