Blessed Ludovica Albertoni

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Now, straight ahead, you will see the Blessed Ludovica Albertoni sculpted by Italian Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Bernini is often credited with establishing the Baroque style of sculpture, which basically entails focusing on emotions felt by the audience by simply observing the artwork. Bernini exceled at evoking passion from audience members, as you can almost immediately collect from viewing the sculpture in front of you. This is the last life-size figure created by Bernini, which he began working on in 1671 and completed in 1674 at 71 years old. Today, you can find this piece of art in the Altieri Chapel, designed to commemorate and honor Ludovica Albertoni, commonly referred to as the “Mother Teresa” of her time.
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If you have seen The Ecstasy of St. Teresa, you probably quickly noticed the astonishing similarities. One of the most obvious, and even arguably the most important, is the fact that both of these sculptures represent mortal suffering but eternal happiness. To achieve this, the Baroque artists focused on natural forms, spaces, colors, and lights. We can also discuss the angels noticeably floating above her head. This gives the audience a feeling that the angels are there for protection. It gives the audience a sense of security for Ludovica. Next is her facial expression. Very similarly to St. Teresa, Ludovica has a facial expression that represents immense pleasure. While the intent was to have the pleasure be a result of her visions and encounter with God, it actually seems to have an additional significance, which relates to sex. The way in which she is grabbing her breast with her mouth agape gives readers a sense of something very erotic. Going off of this, the background involving the bed and the light/flowy sheets leads viewers to once again think about this more sensually. The light coming into the window and shining on her face represents a sense of purity and peacefulness that is being felt by the
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