Blessing in Disguise

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Blessing in Disguise Throughout my life I didn’t care about watching what I ate or how much I exercised. I just wanted to eat whatever sounded good at the time. I didn’t seem to care how much I would overeat or how unhealthy I was. My main goals in life were to be lazy, eat food, and play video games. Once I got to high school, my eating habits got even worse. I would always get a second helping of food at lunch, and I would snack on gas station food. I always just told myself that I didn’t care what I looked like or how much I weighed because I was enjoying myself and I loved to eat. When I would go home, I would get snack food and eat it before dinner so that I would be full. I didn’t like having to go any period of time being…show more content…
I had to suffer through the hunger until the next meal. Even when I did eat, I still felt hungry for more food. I also began working out even harder and more often than I had the previous year. I would go to the weight room and work until I couldn’t do anymore. I worked harder that offseason than I had ever worked up to that point. The effects of my hard work started right away. I was losing weight every day, and I felt better than ever. I could move better and run faster. It was a great feeling. People started complimenting me all the time on how I was looking, and I liked it. I didn’t feel like the fattest guy in school anymore. When football season started the next fall, I was in the best shape of my life. I had lost eighty pounds from my junior year, and everyone could tell. I was still pretty strong from the muscle that I had built up over the past couple years, and I was in much better physical shape. My forty-yard dash time was the third fastest of the team, only behind our starting running back and our starting quarterback. I was able to move better than I ever had been able to before, and I could run around as much as I wanted without getting tired. It had finally arrived. The first game of my senior year of high school football. I had worked harder than I ever thought I could to reach that moment. When I put on my pads and prepared to step out onto the field to
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