Blessings Of Ramadan

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Blessings of Ramadan Ramadan is the spring of good deeds. In this holy month the rate of every virtue is increased. The reward of nawafil is increased to the reward of fard worships, and those of fard is increased to seventy times. This month is the month of spring air of imaan and good deeds. This month not only respects and rewards to those who come to attain its blessings but it also calls those who runaway by calling them repeatedly that O the runner towards evil, stop! See what kind of arrangements are there for you in the month of Ramadan. The fast of this month is obligatory due to the order of Allah عزوجل and Allah عزوجل said that the reward of fasting of Ramadan would be given by himself. How enjoyable is this matter for the…show more content…
312, vol. 3, Ḥadīš 3633) Ramadan is a great and full of blessings month. In this hmonth there is night having prime importance and this night is better than one thousand months. The month of Ramadan is a treasure of the mercies of Allah عزوجل. We can understand the importance of this month by the fact that the Holy prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم used to do duplication to meet this month . The worships done by Muslims at night in this month are a source of plasure of Allah عزوجل. This is the month of sympathy. After the fast of whole day we understand the value of blessings of Allah عزوجل. We can realize the feelings of those people who remain hungry throughout the year due to lack of food availability and This feeling enables us to sympathize with others . The month of Ramadan is in fact a great opportunity to get a chance to enter jannah. In this month the value of good deeds is increased by Allah عزوجل. On the first night of Ramadan, Allah عزوجل showers special mercy upon Muslims and the one upon whom Allahعزوجل showers special mercy will never be punished. In the evening, Allah عزوجل likes the smell manating from their mouths (due to hunger) more than even musk.Angels supplicate for their forgiveness every night and day.Allahعزوجل orders Heaven to be adorned for His (righteous) people and says, ‘Soon they will get rid of the grief of the world and find solace in My house and My bounties and On the last night

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