Blg Athletic Apparel Is A Sports Apparel Retailer Based Essay

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1.0 Executive Summary BLG Athletic Apparel is a sports apparel retailer based in Worcester, Massachusetts. BLG offers the most comprehensive selection in town. By offering the most complete selection as well as a knowledgeable support staff, BLG will quickly gain attention in the market and grab a share of the market. Worcester was chosen because of its diverse, active population. Worcester is full of people who are looking to sport to better themselves and social interactions. BLG Athletic Apparel is a Massachusetts based L.L.C. primarily owned by Branden Greb. Keys to Success BLG Athletic has identified four keys to success that they believe will be influential in reaching profitability. The first is the need to meet the customer 's wants by offering the most wide-ranged selection and informed staff. The second key to success is to observe the competition in an effort to ensure distinction. The third is related to the fiscal systems of the organization, purchasing the right products and hiring the best employees will be instrumental. Lastly, expanding the company when able to while still maintaining our values. Competitive Edge BLG’s competitive edge is its unparalleled collection and staff understanding. This is significant because no other store in the area offers the extensiveness within multi-sports as BLG. The type of participants that partake in a variety of sports do so as a part of their lifestyle. As it being a part of their life, they look forward to enjoying

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