Bligger in Their Midst

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Blogger In Their Midst

Executive Summary:

Lancaster-Webb’s manufactures disposable gloves and other medical products. At a recent trade conference Will Somerset, CEO of Lancaster-Webb found out that their surgical gloves are flying off the shelves, thanks to the online endorsements of an otherwise indiscrete known as Glove Girl. Her blogging has revealed sensitive and sometimes erroneous information about Lancaster-Webb and its clients. This is due to the fact that there are no policies or procedures in place with regards to blogging. There is also a clear breakdown of communication between Will and some of his senior staff. Lancaster-Webb can capitalize on this opportunity by putting procedures and policies in place with
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He should use the one minute manager approach to highlight the benefits and risks of blogging. Glove Girl should be praised for her ambitious and enthusiastic approach to her job. However, she needs to be reprimanded for releasing sensitive company information, which could jeopardize Lancaster-Webb’s business relationships. Will needs to ask Glove Girl to include a disclaimer in her blog, informing readers that she does not speak on behalf of Lancaster-Webb. ● Get employees involved: Lancaster-Webb needs to establish their own web blog and encourage employees to blog. In doing so, this will give employees a chance to contribute and promote cross talk about Lancaster-Webb’s products. This would be a great opportunity for Glove Girl to head this effort.

● Set clear standards: Having recognized the positive impact of blogging and also the risks involved, the company needs to establish some clear guidelines for blogging. Lancaster-Webb needs to ensure these guidelines are followed.

● Communication: As communication chief, Judy Chen needs to ensure that all information that has significant impact on the company channeled up the management hierarchy. This will prevent Will from being blindsided by another Glove Girl incident.

Marketing Strategies: Lancaster-Webb marketing team needs to try and stay ahead of the curve by using social media to reach out to their customers.
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