Blind And Deaf Since Birth

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"This story is inspired by real events in France in the late 19th century." (Marie 's Story, 2014) "Blind and deaf since birth, young Marie Heurtin begins to experience the world in new ways as a nun coaxes her out of isolation." (Netflix) Marie 's father takes her to a boarding school, Notra-Dame de Larnay run by nuns, for deaf girls in hopes that they may be able to help Marie. At first the nuns say they are only a school for the deaf and simply do not know how to help Marie being that they have never worked with a child who was also blind, and turn her and her father away. During this time, this is the only option aside from taking poor Marie to an asylum. One sister, Sister Marguerite, who has a brief encounter with Marie before having been sent away, is shortly after convinced that it is her mission to help this young girl and decides to take on the challenge. The journey is a long and hard one. Sister Marguerite, at first, has trouble convincing the Mother Superior of her mission and to allow her to carry it out, Mother argues that she does not think it possible that the girl can learn, or that she mental capacity to learn, and does not think it healthy for Sister to take on such a burned with her lung condition which has shortened her life as it is. After great persistence, Sister Marguerite goes to fetch Marie and travels a great distance on foot. Maries original state is a troubling one. She does not trust people, other than her parents, to lay a hand on her and
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