Blind Faith in Cat's Cradle, by Kurt Vonnegut

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In current society, critical thinking can be sparse. It is unusual that people question the traditions they have grown up with. Although this ignorance can be safe and simple, its outcome is ultimately problematic. In the satire Cat's Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut proves that undiscerning belief in anything will inevitably end in tragedy. Vonnegut demonstrates this using sensitive topics such as Science and Religion. In the present day, society depends on Science greatly; it supplies jobs, provides technology capable of saving lives, and furthers our society in many positive ways. However, society often misses the negative aspects of Science. Vonnegut identifies many problems with the general perspective on Science in Cat's Cradle,…show more content…
If Miss Pefko, who spends hours typing up reports for scientists, does not understand than it is likely that the general population would not either. When it comes to complicated science that the average person does not comprehend it is likely that their unawareness will be taken advantage of. John, as well as some other characters travel to a fictitious country called San Lorenzo dictated by 'Papa' Monazano. Many years before, the oldest son in Hoenikker family, Frank, exchanged his ice-nine to the dictator in order to live a comfortable and carefree life, this of course could only lead to a tragedy. 'Papa' tells John that he and Frank must lead San Lorenzo because they have knowledge about science and “science is magic that works” (Vonnegut 218). Rather than choosing the most kind or wise successor, 'Papa' chooses Science above all else. He blindly sees Science as a good thing and he believes it will bring salvation to his people. There is no discrimination between good Science and bad Science, and this kind of blind acceptance leads to the demise of the population of San Lorenzo. 'Papa' commits suicide using the ice-nine in his castle. John and the Hoenikkers find 'Papa' dead and quickly try to clean up the remaining ice-nine but despite their best efforts the end of the world is inescapable. A plane crashes into the castle, causing it to fall into the ocean, and the remaining ice-nine in it freezes the earth’s water supply, immediately killing people
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