Blind Fan Vs Die Hard Fans

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Choice essay Behind every team’s back there are loads of fanatics that so call themselves “fans”. These fans care about the success of a certain sports team, while some are die-hard fans that have been supporting the team since day one, others just jump on the bandwagon after the team claimed the championship title, and then there are always to few who blindly follows a team because they do not want to be left out. Even though the die-hard fans care way more about the team than the bandwagoners or the blind followers, they still get viewed at as just another fan and does not receive the credit and glory they deserve. The die-hard fans will capture any chance to support their team such as dressing up, apply face paint and being as loud as possible whenever the team does good.They are always prepared for the game, whether it is raining or snowing, they will always be by the team's side,…show more content…
Blind followers are only interested in sports whenever a game is on. Their favorite player is usually the one that is trending on social media. They might like the idea of being a fan, but their heart just isn’t in it. I personally find it amusing when the blind followers try to join in on a conversation as they do not know what they are talking about. As shown above, the die-hard fans do not deserve to be viewed equality as the bandwagon fans and blind-following fans. The amount of dedication and support they show for their team is unreal compared to the other fans. The die-hard fans stick with the team through thick and thin, sharing the laughers and the failures along with the team side by side. Blind following fans only care about sports to fit in when watching a game. Bandwagon fans are just fake fan that are their for the glory but doesn’t not get to experience the real pride in a
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