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Blind love can be a hurtful experience, or one that is misleading. One example of blind love is being in love with someone who will provoke you into doing things you would not normally do. While most people have certain standards which they live by, being in love with someone to the point that they influence you to go against what you believe in is a result of blind love.

Being in love can often persuade a person to do anything in order to make the other happy, or to keep from loosing them. It makes one incapable of distinguishing right from wrong, and often the person who is the recipient of this kind of blind love will take advantage of this circumstance. It can be as simple as having them do all the housework, cooking and catering
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When friends and family see this happening and try to intervene, they will think of it as an intrusion and will not listen or welcome this advice.

Blind love can also be when a person falls in love with someone is controlling or possessive, and this person brainwashes him or her into thinking of him or herself as worthless, therefore using them to their advantage, often forbidding them to have contact with friends or family. This can result in an abusive affair, but because of blind love, this person starts to believe in everything the other says and does, and becomes enslaved in the relationship.

A couple who are both blinded by love may do things that are irrational, or be in a world all their own, choosing each other and dismissing their friends and family. They want to spend every moment together, and are so much in love that they abandon their jobs, social obligations and anything else that will separate them from each other.

Blind love can also be a love that sees no color, race, flaws or handicaps. It is a love that is unconditional, and looks or personal traits do not matter, only the fact that they have found love. It is as if a person were truly blind, as in not being able to see, only to feel with one’s heart, and to fall in love with someone without caring what he or she look like. Some examples of this could be

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