Blind Obedience

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Name: Andraie Lewis Eng. 122 May 8,2013 Blind obedience Society often view obedience as a good quality or trait to have; employers want obedient employees and parents often wish for obedient children. Being obedient means that an individual shows respect for an authority figure and will carry out the instructions they are given; when someone is obedient they are widely accepted by society, because they do whatever it is that society asks of them. But obedience carried too far can have disastrous consequences to both the individual and society; this is referred to as blind obedience. Blind obedience is when a person follows authority without even thinking about the…show more content…
A lot of people argued that Milgram’s experiment was unethical, but made sense logically. His ”experiment was carried out in the shadow of the Holocaust. The trial of Adolf Eichmann had the world wondering how the Nazis were able to persuade so many ordinary Germans to participate in the murder of innocent people” (Cohen A24). During world war two (WW II), Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazis’ came to power through his dictatorship which ultimately led to the demise of millions of Jews in order to create a master race. With the obedience of the militia, he rose to power annihilating any freedoms Jewish people had. His tactics were brutal and irreconcilably fatal for all who disobeyed him. We can only assume that the Germans followed Hitler’s’ gruesome orders out of fear or just out of ignorance but as Tod Hoffman mentioned in his article from the “Gazette,” ”How ordinary Germans were transformed into Nazi butchers remains a compelling historical and sociological question” (I12). Those Germans blindly obeying Hitler’s inhumane orders is only apart of the widely astonishing scale of people obeying authority and following orders without even thinking for themselves. ”Even among those who were not rabid National Socialists, faith in, and support for, Hitler "was blind and boundless." Whether this was genuine or a function of having lived for years under a totalitarian regime that valued obedience above all other
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