Blind Side Analysis

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Blind Side The name of this movie was Blind Side. The characters in this movie where, S.J the younger son. Collins the older sister of S.J, Burt Cotton the coach of Michael. Miss Sue the tutor of Michael. Leigh Ann was the mother of A.j, Collins, and adoption mother of Michael. Sean was the husband of Leigh Ann, and father of S.J, Collins, and adoption parent of Michael. The genre of this film was a drama, and sport. The time this took place was 2009, and took place in Memphis, Tennessee. At the beginning was Michael playing basketball outside. The coach inside was looking out and watching him. Coach thought he was really good, but he couldn't participate until he got his grades up. Leigh Ann and Sean saw Michael walking home in the rain one night, they asked where he was going and he said home. Leigh Ann knew he wasn't going home, so she asked him if he needed a place to say, so Michael got in the car. He stayed a couple nights, and Leigh Ann asked him if he wanted to stay, he did. So the next day she took him out to get new clothes, shoes and other stuff. She even made him his own bedroom. Michael was struggling in school…show more content…
Everyone who was in this movie played their part perfect. Leigh Ann was one of the best actors she really showed her feeling in her part. The caring and worried mother of Michael. She shows a lot of effort and doesn't give up until she has gotten what she wanted. She wanted michael to succeed and he did. Another aspect of this movie was the music played for certain parts. The songs played at the certain parts were perfect for the emotion of the scene. When Michael was walking home in the rain it was playing music that made you want Leigh Ann top stop and ask him where he was going, and it was. At the end of the movie When Leigh Ann gave him a hug it was playing really happy music that makes you feel all warm, and fuzzy on the inside, just a happy
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