Blindness And Blindness In William Shakespeare's King Lear

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William Shakespeare's King Lear constantly outlines the motif of blindness while blindness from the truth being the most prominent type. Involuntary blindness from the truth has a significant impact on a person’s life as it can affect aspects of one’s relationship with others, their emotional health as well as their physical health within their lifetime. The inability to see the truth creates relationships to deteriorate which is the cause for one’s emotional destruction. Thus being the ultimate reason for one’s physical demise.

This involuntary inability to see the truth is what leads to the destruction of Lear, Gloucester and Regan’s relationships. Blindness from the legitimacy of one’s words and objectives is evident within these characters who cannot see the truth by the ones they are acquainted with. King Lear is blind to the true intentions of his daughters Cordelia, Goneril, and Regan. Although Cordelia possesses genuine intentions to “love [his] majesty/ According to [her] bond; no more nor less” Lear is oblivious to the fact that Cordelia loves him (1.1.91-92). Due to this blindness obtained by Lear, he banishes Cordelia as well as any relational ties he has with her. Although Lear is blind from the honest and genuine intentions of Cordelia, he is also blind to the cruel intentions of Goneril and Regan which is masked by their kindness. Lear’s inability to see the cruel schemes of his other two daughters, evidently causes Regan to order Gloucester to “Shut up
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