Blindness And Invisibility : The Invisible Man

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Blindness and invisibility are the two concepts that are discussed regardless of racism and the position one tends to manage between individuality and community. In Ellison’s The Invisible Man , he not only show the oppression of the whites over the blacks as superiors in which makes the black people invisible, but also the black’s blindness to revolve against his marginal state and his incapability to conceiving whites as individuals. Being blind of invisible is not only based on the way which whites treat the blacks, but also how blacks consider whites and themselves. The concepts of blindness and invisibility imbue a very important role in the struggle of the story. Ellison not only represents these motifs by the characters’ actions and thoughts, but also tries to delineate blindness and invisibility in an illustrative way through metaphors, symbols and much more. Ellison shows the connection between blindness and invisibility through the situation of individual’s identity is being denied as well as the denial of being individual beings. During the battle royal, the boys were being blindfolded with white cloth to resemble the idea of blindness and invisibility. Being blindfolded, the boys are not able to recognizing their humiliation. While the whites are entertained by the boys fight against each other and struggle to get the money. Ellison deliberates different kinds of blindness; the literal blindness with the white colored cloths over their eyes as well as the
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