Blindness By Jose Saramago 's Blindness

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Extensionalism that is Presented in Blindness by José Saramago A person is not just characterized by those particular circumstances that they find themselves in, but by how they respond to those moments. The phenomenal novel, Blindness, written by Jose Saramago, showcases the storyline of a country that encounters a widespread disease that leads to several people catching a type of blindness where they can only see white. The unfortunate people who have received the terribly contagious disease spreading around are to be isolated in an abandoned mental hospital to avoid the spreading of the blindness. Existentialism is the philosophy that one can be influenced tremendously from the external factors surrounding them. This is portrayed…show more content…
She replied by saying, “My affection… I 'm remaining to help you and the other people who may come here, however don 't reveal to them I can see” (Saramago, 40). This quote proves that she is a very nice and kind person who is always there for the people she loves and cares about. She would take the possibility of catching a disease where one can only see white in order to remain with her husband who is ill. By staying with her husband while he is in desperate need of help, she proves that she is one of the kindest characters in the novel. However, as the book progresses, her trait of kindness quickly fades away after experiencing an atrocious situation. A group of people, formed in the hospital, were collecting all the food from the patients, and the only way the people had a chance of retrieving it was by making the women have intercourse with the men of the group. When the doctor’s wife was forced to have intercourse, she was traumatized, and knew that she needed to find a way to end the catastrophe. In order to do this, she decided to kill the leader of the group, and stabbed him in the throat with a pair of scissors. The author describes the wife at that moment by writing, “she had blood on her hands and clothes…but she knew that if it were necessary, she would kill again” (Saramago, 192). This quote shows the readers how much the wife has changed because of one event that occurred. She went from
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