Blindness, The Sad Human Nature

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Rose Zheng Ms. Gleicher Lit. of Discovery 11 May 2015 Blindness, the Sad Human Nature With the rapid development technology and treatment, physical blindness is becoming less troubling or bothersome. However, it is surprising to find that most people are blind in an unnoticed way. Richard Wright wrote the novel Native Son, to warn the reader to notice the mental blindness that blocked black people’s voice for equality and better life. The blindness is the outcome of most people’s spontaneous choice to run from difficult realities, although people are ultimately able to understand the reality that inversely depends on their satisfaction of blind life. Blindness is generated in Bigger because of the large gap between dream and reality, in blacks because of their pain and suffering under white people’s rule, and strongly in whites because of their latent guilt towards blacks. Bigger, the boy looking for a new way that belongs to neither white people nor black people, gets blind when he faces the world with no way for him to go. He ignores the danger to find a new life by committing crimes, but finally realizes his blindness. As a black boy under white’s domination, Bigger also experiences discrimination towards black people, which fails to enfeeble the ambitious man to be insensible to the world. However, the reality strongly strikes his dream and asks him to fell on his knees. In his conversation with Max, he said, “I want to do things. But everything I wanted to do I
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