Blink : A Formal Description of Blink

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Do you understand the true power in your mind? Unconsciously we have an extraordinary capability to analyze problems, eliminate variables and choose the most appropriate solution to the circumstances in which we are. The potential found in the hidden corners of our unconscious, that is according to the author of the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. This author, has shown that snap judgments and first impressions we make on someone are as reasonable as if we had observed a long time, provided we have proven experience in evaluating these situations. We are able to master the ability to reach conclusions faster, able to make snap judgments based on accurate information, and decide to take action. Gladwell introduces the concept…show more content…
"The world of classical music - particularly in its European home - was until very recently the persevere of white men" (Gladwel 248). The idea that a woman was not capable of performing the same job designated for men is simply discrimination. Instead, it was a fact in defending the reasons for which a woman could not perform this task, that men produced better music than a woman. In the society, that we live each person has something different; when we see a strange we develop an impression of the personality, abilities, and skills of this person relying solely on past experiences we have. Gladwel says, "music is music" and "the only true way to listen is with your ears and your heart" (251). The ability of a woman when playing a musical instrument is the same as a man, without making a difference in the physical appearance. Not understand how much of that prejudice is clouding our approach is a mistake, that we have to understand and take responsibility. In order to, not repeat the same injustices committed in the past. Specially, understanding the vast potentials that we have, are not enough, we Pino 3 must put them into practice. We have plenty of information, advantage, and potential to succeed in the various aspects of our lives. In full use of the common sense, we have to direct our attention, take careful
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