Blink Gym Observation

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Friday, December 11 2015 6pm i went to the Blink gym on Utica Ave. I have been working out at this gym for about a year. I decided to observe the people that are working out at the gym, i was looking at the various people, exercises, and even the most popular area in the gym. The gym was very crowded with people. This is the only gym in my neighborhood and the monthly price for the gym goes low as 15$ a month. They also have special that allows you to get the first Two months free of no charge and if you have a 20$ Membership you can bring a guest with you. I made the conclusion based on these factors that's why the gym has so many customers. The time i have spent here i noticed that the members of this gym is predominantly African American. I can safely say that majority of them were from the Caribbean. This distinction was made because of my previous research on the types of people that purchase lottery tickets from the corner store across the street from the gym. Based on that research i discovered that most of the customers in the store had an accent and my neighborhood is predominantly African American this plays a huge role in the type of people that are seen in average inside the store or even the gym. I also noticed a few Spanish and White people as well but the amount wasn’t nearly as large. It wasn’t possible to determine the class of the people working out in the gym. The things i…show more content…
Classical economic theory is based on the assumption that individuals make rational choices, in terms of economic decisions in attempt to maximize profit. Even though the gym is pack in attempt to maximize the affordable price people would bare with it. Running makes a great warm up and help burn more fat compared to any other exercises. Despite that fact the Cardio area isn’t really that popular so is the leg/yoga area. Does this mean people are skipping leg
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