Blitz Company Case Study

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A brilliant company that produces a diverse range of a product is prone to run in to trouble if the processes are not well designed, inefficient quality measures prevail and decision making is more prone to ad hoc basis rather than a standardized process. Blitz Company, an organization distinguished for its capability to cater the diverse needs of their customers, not only on basis of design features but also lot size, has been facing a cumulative number of issues. To name a few, these issues range from production bottlenecks to capacity utilization to inability to reach deadlines. The analysis has indicated that these problems are just not due to process designs and the methodologies applied in executing them but can also be
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Production time for different lot sizes

To understand how production time differs in different lot sizes we will try to calculate it in sample sizes of 8, 40, 120 and 800. Our assumption that we will need use manual drilling method for lot sizes that are less than 100, we have the following calculations for lot size 8 and 40:

|Lot Size |Cycle Time |Setup Time |Total Run Time |Throughput Time for one |Total Production Time (min) |
| | | | |Board | |
|8 |10 |185 |80 |120 |265 |
|40 |10 |185 |400 |120 |585 |

The above calculations used a setup time of 185 minutes since we used Rout for configuration which is used when the lot size is small. However for calculating 120 and 800 we will have two different setup times. 120 will continue to use Rout but Green for drilling whereas 800 will be using Green for drilling and Punch Press for configuration.

|Lot Size |Cycle Time |Setup Time |Total Run Time |Throughput Time for one |Total Production Time (min) |
| | | |

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