Blitz Stereotypes

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Blitzen- he creates a bulletproof tie during a “making” or a contest of crafting skills, against an old dwarf named Junior. Blitz must participate for Junior has Andskoti- the new rope that will bind Fenris Wolf. He creates an expando duck, a bullet-proof tie and a chainmail vest. The loser would usually be beheaded Magnus Chase- he uses the Sword of Summer, or Sumarbrander, to protect Blitz from sabotages. Simultaneously, he builds a stronger relationship with his sword. He learns that the sword prefers the name Jack rather than Sumarbrander. Samirah al-Abbas- she shape-shifts into a horse fly to sabotage Junior’s creations so Blitz wouldn’t lose his head. Hearthstone- he casts a rune on Blitz before the contest to make him feel
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