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Title: 8 Ways to Look Better Naked in Just Two Weeks Category: Thrive Tags: getting naked, sexy naked, look better naked Teaser: #8 may be the best advice. Article: You may reap with confidence, that is, until you take off your clothes. Suddenly insecurity seeps in. Now you’re agonizing over rough skin, that muffin-top and a little cellulite. What’s a girl or boy to do? When being naked no longer feels fun, free and comfortable, it’s time to take a good long look in the mirror and rid yourself of your bad body image. Here’s how you can start feeling super sexy and confident when naked in just two weeks. Cut out those gassy, belly-bloating foods Nothing kills a mood faster than flatulence. Bloating, caused by gas and digestive issues…show more content…
Your skin will feel smoother and silky to the touch. Men, it’s time to “manscape” Looking good naked is not just reserved for females. Men too, want to look good in all their glory. “Manscaping” is a guy’s version of getting neat and tidy. It will boost your confidence, leave a lasting, great impression, and… highlight your assets. Now I’m not talking about waxing your entire body from head to toe, unless of course, you’re into that sort of thing. No, I’m talking about trimming a little off the top (or bottom) so to speak. There’s no harm in keeping things neat and tidy in the nether regions. And just like the pubic area, you may want to trim your underarm hair as well. And for those sporting hairy shoulders and backs, you might want to consider removing that all together. I’m just saying. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize After sloughing, shaving and showering it’s imperative to moisturize your body. Let’s face it naked skin that’s soft and supple to the touch — san’s dry patches — is so much more appealing. Dermatologist Cynthia Baily MD., says apply moisturizer minutes after bathing or cleansing. During your shower or bath, your skin absorbs water that’s prone to evaporation. Therefore, “it’s essential to apply a thin layer of moisturizer or lotion to your skin within three minutes after toweling off to dry.” This way you’ll seal-in all the moisture your body craves. Slap on some cellulite cream If you have cellulite, you’re not alone. According
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