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On the edge of a wooden platform, I shook. Below me in the lake, floated a red, blue, and yellow inflatable water contraption known as The Blob. The objective of the activity was to jump off a ridiculously high platform, onto the questionable device, and apparently have fun while doing so. But, as my toes skimmed the edge, the weight of gravity demolished any thrill I felt within. What if it popped when I jumped? What if I bounced backwards and hit my head? What if I missed the blob? I backed away slowly, refusing to risk my life. The reward was definitely not worth the possible outcomes. Then my summer camp counselor said something I will never forget. “The reason for your fear is the Devil. The Devil is inside of you and he is what creates your fear. Give up. Give up the Devil”. Now, hold up. Why would any person in their right mind think this is okay to say to a 10 year old child? I had never committed a crime. I had never told more than a little white lie. I had never wished ill upon anyone. Yet, the Devil was inside of me.

Later that night, I had lost it. You know that feeling where you have completely given yourself up. Your mind, body, and soul are practically up for adoption holding a
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That is basically how I felt while standing on hard wooden stage. The director of the camp had called everyone onto the stage who had not “accepted Jesus into their hearts” So, of course little insecure me went on stage. The spotlight shined in my eyes. My hands clasped he microphone tightly. Sweat dripped profusely down my neck. My mouth confessed my need for Jesus and accepted him into my heart. I did not know what I was doing or what I was saying. I was just trying to appease the mind of the five hundred strangers that surrounded me. I looked around at the fellow initiates who were all broken down into tears. Next thing I knew, I was right there with them. Waves from the Jordan river flowed from my eyes. I felt helpless and
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