Block Chain Of The Public Service

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Block chain in the public service
The block chain database has recently become more widespread in everyday life and some of its benefits has been implemented for the public usage. The governments in several countries has acknowledged the potential of the block chain system. This could simplify the bureaucracy process and provide credibility. Some suggestions have been made of where this database could be enforced. First of all, the block chain system could affect how an ordinary person could deal with property titles. Governments will make it possible for citizens to electronically conduct transactions and queries without lawyers or queuing at government offices. Once registered on the block chain, for example an ownership of a car, a home or other assets to be transferred from one person to another without the need for a government record while still being legal and publicly acknowledged (Forde & Casey, 2016).
Secondly, the block chain could be used by governments to issue birth certificates and death certificates. The provision of several encryption methods once these documents are registered guarantees a better control over such data. It will not only make the record more reliable but could also enable citizens to access many services. People can direct agencies or service providers to a digital record of their birth certificate or to a family member 's digital death certificate.
Thirdly, the block chain could have significant effects on electronic voting and its

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