Block Scheduling And How It Affects The Schools

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Students are constantly waking up early and having long days at school. The long hours can drain a student 's mind and leave them not wanting to learn anything. When a student is tired and drained, all they want to do think about sleep. A way to help fix this problem is with introducing a method called Block Scheduling. Block Scheduling is basically having fewer class periods, but the classes last longer than usual (Wikipedia). Block Scheduling can either result in a good idea, or a bad mistake. Block Scheduling can be a major improvement for a composition class. Block scheduling is a controversial topic and there are different aspects to it as how it works, how it affects the schools, and how would it affect a composition class. Block scheduling can vary. There are three different types of block scheduling methods which include: A/B, 4x4, and Hybrid Block scheduling. The A/B method is basically when students can have four classes one day and then the other four the next day and it keeps alternating throughout the entire year (Ellen R. Delisio). 4x4 scheduling is when the school year is divided into two ninety day semesters, and the class periods range from 80-90 minutes. Hybrid Block Scheduling, is basically the combining of the A/B and 4x4 schedules. There would still be about four longer class periods a day, but it also extends the day just a little. This allows the student to be able to get themselves ready for the rest of their day and also gives them an opportunity

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