Blockbuster Case Study Essay

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1. Analyze Blockbuster's current position (based on its brick-and-mortar business model) using Porter's 5-forces model. What are the conclusions of your analysis? In Porter's 5 forces model, the five underlying forces for an industry's structural attractiveness are the barriers to entry for new competitors, the intensity of rivalry among existing competitors, the threat of substitute products or services, the bargaining power of suppliers, and the bargaining power of buyers. In analyzing Blockbuster's business model and current position, it is evident that it faces issues in all five areas. Barriers to entry In the brick and mortar movie rental industry, Blockbuster is clearly the leader. With the merger of Hollywood Video and…show more content…
On the horizon, Blockbusters number of competitors should steadily increase from new emerging technologies. If Blockbuster extends into the realm of VOD, Legal Movie Downloads, or Digital Video Recorders (DVR), it must realize there are existing and powerful players in these markets already. This new technology is shaping the market for many deals or partnerships. They will face fierce competition, but in the future, Blockbuster must not find it self on the outside looking in. Threat of substitutes There are basically six technology-driven threats to the traditional rental model: (1) Cable companies offering Video on Demand (VOD), (2) online movie downloads, (3) online movie rentals, (4) disposable DVDs, (5) illegal movie downloads and DVD copying, and (6) Digital (or Personal) video recorders (DVR). (Jackson) One could also consider traditional pay-per-view (PPV) as and additional substitute. Only one of these seven, online movie rentals has proven to be a major competitive substitute for traditional movie rentals. All other areas, except traditional pay-per-view are expanding rapidly, but some face significant challenges. Unlike traditional pay per view, VOD, usually offered by a local cable provider, offers subscribers wider choice and the ability to start a movie whenever they want, instead of at a pre-arranged time. Up to this point, Video on Demand (VOD) is expanding,
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