Blockbuster, Netflix, And The Media, Entertainment Rental Industry

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My paper on Blockbuster, Netflix, and the Media, Entertainment Rental Industry, in 2011. (Summary).
With this paper I am proposing to discuss Blockbuster’s issues and/or problems, as far as, gaining and retaining profitability, and well needed success. Why in 2010 the company’s losses continued to rise? And the reason, they were eventually required to enter Chapter Eleven bankruptcy in Sept-10. In addition to, Netflix, which at the time had over 17 million subscribers in 2010, gaining profits, and a climbing stock price that exceeded $300 by June-2011, which was because of them introducing its own entertainment streaming service as a part of its DVD service for a low-cost of $10, charged monthly. However, this case study is
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The remaining 1,500 was liquidated. DISH announced, in Sept-2011, it would provide its subscribers a media download rental system similar to Netflix’s, but at a discount price.
So, with all that being said, when we discuss concerning the world’s top leading online streaming media company, Netflix first comes to mind because we know they committed in to distributing/circulating movies and TV shows for years by way of the internet or online services, as it has the required license and agreement with some of the world’s largest, and most important, content providers, film studios, and TV channels as well.
Furthermore, they charge minimal from the subscribers to watch videos from the stored videos by using the computer network.
When, we also discuss concerning the existence, Netflix has over 50 million subscribers from across the globe, with 30 million of them from domestic partnerships and marketplaces.
“Description of the case study (summary)”.
Personalized or individualized user experience: The lesson learned from Netflix and Blockbuster success and failure to provide this service. As such, depending on the customer’s choice and interest for which they can view videos.
The shared evidence of observing how Neflix uses personalized and individualization as a competitive advantage in engaging and retaining users, and planning content purchases.
Integration or combining of streaming
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