Blocking Gmo's A Crime Against Humanity

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Blocking GMO’s A Crime Against Humanity One of the most controversial topics of our time is GM technology (GMO). Is it safe or not? The emotive nature of this topic is justified considering the fact that food is paramount to human well-being; all claims should be carefully examined. However, modern scientific studies contradict commonly held opinions opposing GMO’s which are in fact founded on myths and misinformation. There are currently 2000 peer-reviewed reports which document the safety and wholesomeness of GM foods. (Genera.2014) My goal in this paper is to help open dialogs between activists and the scientific community. Green activists and privileged world citizens deny life and health to millions when they block the progress and use of genetic modification. To achieve this goal, I have organized my paper into four sections and two sub-sections. I will begin with and brief description and summary of GMO’s and the scientific consensus on the safety and efficacy of this technology, public opinion that contradicts the science community and the origins of misinformation. Next I will talk about why GMO’s are a major component in solving food insecurity, death, sickness and poverty. In the third section of this paper involves the efforts of green campaigners who undermine science and block GMO technology. To conclude, I will provide examples of the reality of food insecurity worldwide and highlight one significant area to focus resolution efforts, Golden Rice. I

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