Bloemfontein Concentration Camp

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Bloemfontein concentration camp during the Boer War Introduction The Boer war has recently ended and the British have won the war. Thanks to Ms.Hobhouse’s help and her observations on the Bloemfontein concentration camp, our organization is willing to create awareness about the past events in South Africa. The British created “refugee” camps (31 in total), and kept the women and children whose houses had been burnt there. For the British, this meant that the Boers who were fighting at the moment, would no longer be able to obtain food or other needs from their families. Moreover, it also meant that the men wouldn’t get to see their families. Nevertheless, their main goal was to demoralise the Boers by leaving their women and children…show more content…
This chart shows the daily diet of Boer Prisoners. Refugees | Undesirables | ½ lb. Fresh Meat. ½ lb. either Meal, Rice, Samp or Potatoes. 1 ½ oz. Coffee. 3 oz. Sugar. 1 oz. Salt. 1/12 th tin of Condensed Milk | ½ lb. Fresh Meat. ½ lb. either Meal, Rice, or Samp. 1 ½ oz. Coffee. 1 oz. Sugar. 1 oz. Salt. 1/18 th tin of Condensed Milk. | As noticeable, the daily food that the Refugees obtained was much better than the one that the Undesirables did. However, it was not the required quantity of food for a person. Besides that, the meat was barely cooked, and often the meat would be given to the prisoners with ice. Bibliography Last Name, First Name. Page Title. In Domain Name [online]. Year Published or Updated. [date you viewed or copied the information]. Available from the World Wide Web: <URL:actually address> Barnard,Hennie. The Concentration Camps (1899-1902). In[January 22 2012]Available from the World Wide Web: <URL: > Boshoff, Ryna. Bloemfontein. In British Concentration Camps Of The South African War 1900-1902 (BCCD).2006. [January 22 2012] Available from the World Wide Web :<URL:> De Camp Courant. Bloemfontein concentration camps. In De Camp Courant.2008. [January 22 2012] Available from the World Wide Web :<URL :>

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