Blog 13 - First Online Casino Gaming App Arrives For Apple Watch

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Blog 13 – First online casino gaming app arrives for Apple Watch

As far as device launches go, nothing can really compare to that of the Apple watch. Last year when it was announced it turned the world of technology on its head, as people could now have a fully functioning smart device on their wrist. Several years ago the idea of such was thought impossible, but is now very real and could be set to change the way people gamble. These little devices are available for use in an instant and present a brand new development domain for the industry’s biggest players. The first company out of the gate when it comes to Apple Watch online casino gaming is Leading Edge Design (LED), who in partnership with marketing company Purple Gator, are set to release Double Luck Nudge.

Set for free play release initially (with real-money play to follow shortly after) the game is by all accounts set to test the waters of how well a casino game can function on the Apple Watch. By all accounts Double Luck Nudge a revolutionary game that could prove endless doubters of the platform wrong.

Intriguing Originality

Double Luck Nudge is a game that in many ways has been on the horizon for some time, as the Apple Watch has now been available for best part of a year. Speaking on its release, Purple Gator CEO Andrew Nadhir said that the game would deliver “true immersion and true entertainment”. Given the size of the Apple Watch, the clear challenge is recreating the slots experience on such a small…
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