Blog 13 - First Online Casino Gaming App Arrives For Apple Watch

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Blog 13 – First online casino gaming app arrives for Apple Watch

As far as device launches go, nothing can really compare to that of the Apple watch. Last year when it was announced it turned the world of technology on its head, as people could now have a fully functioning smart device on their wrist. Several years ago the idea of such was thought impossible, but is now very real and could be set to change the way people gamble. These little devices are available for use in an instant and present a brand new development domain for the industry’s biggest players. The first company out of the gate when it comes to Apple Watch online casino gaming is Leading Edge Design (LED), who in partnership with marketing company Purple Gator, are set
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They have opted to create something truly original in order to move past and deny these limitations. Instead of scaling down a larger sized project they went back to the drawing board and built Double Luck Nudge from the ground up. Through this they have been able to put the Apple Watch to work by making use of its hardware and software, including the unique haptic feature. Nadhir promises that the release of Double Luck Nudge will signal the start of an “Apple Watch online casino revolution”.

Local Limitations

In a dream world it seems that LED would love to offer up Double Luck Nudge as a global release, but that isn’t likely to be the case anytime soon. While the game is a US creation, it won’t receive widespread release in the country, largely as online casino is banned in most states. But it seems America’s loss is Europe’s gain, as LED has said, “Believe us when we tell you that online casino gaming legalisation is the United States is close, but for now we will be mainly promoting Double Luck Nudge as a European based game”. Looking at where the game is likely to show up it seems that Ladbrokes Casino and William Hill Casino represent credible destinations. Whichever way you look at it, through Double Luck Nudge LED will be making their debut on European shores. Back to the Future

Who would have ever thought that a watch would represent progress in the world of online casino gaming. For many, the arrival of smartphones was considered to be the most mobile
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