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Blog 25 – Online casino software developers that every player should be aware of

The list of company’s that have an invested interest in the online casino market is a long one. Amongst this list are a core group of developers, with it being these developers that help make the industry what it is today. These developers range in quality and output levels. Some choose to churn out games like they are coming off a factory production line, while others opt to be a little more selective in what they release. If you’ve logged onto an online casino portal in the past couple of years or so you should be aware of the sheer amount of active game developers. In order to educate players and generally make life easier, the following is a break down of the online casino game software developers that every player should be aware of.


NetEnt are a developer that have been around the mind 1990s (1996 if you want to be specific) and have grown to become the biggest name in online casino development. After making their name with localised games on Swedish shores, they have since expanded to the rest of Europe and now have their sights set on US markets. What has made NetEnt so special is the company’s ability to move with the times. From Java to Flash and 2D to 3D, wherever NetEnt goes you can be sure that innovation isn’t too far behind.


Largely considered to be the main rival of NetEnt, what many won’t know is that the launch of Microgaming actually pre-dates NetEnt.…
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