Blog 8 – Here Is How You Can Make Your Free Spins Bonus

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Blog 8 – Here is how you can make your free spins bonus count

The great draw of online casino sites is that you can risk everything in order to win big jackpots and amazing prizes, but it’s always been ‘Lady Luck’ who has decided if you walk away as a winner or a loser. Most casino games are purely based on chance, but the way that you use your bonuses, such as the free spins bonus, is not, and could have a considerably significant impact on whether you walk away from a game with cash in your pocket. Free spins are one of the most common no deposit casino bonuses around, and you’ll usually get somewhere between 10 and 20 just for signing up with certain sites (some casinos will astound you and give out even more). You can’t really control
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The prizes can even hit seven figures, making you’re a millionaire in mere moments.

Top Tip No. 3 – Keep reality in mind

Don’t go into playing slots expecting to win a set amount of money or a percentage of games. Casino slot games are entirely luck based, so there’s no influencing the outcomes, despite what superstitious gamblers may say and think. Give yourself a range of values to achieve, and if you should fall outside the winning posts one too many times, just call it a day.

Top Tip No. 4 – Play cold blooded

Emotion can cloud judgment, which is why it’s important to keep calm and rational – which is easier said than done at times, especially when you’re betting your own money or even just spending free spins. Don’t let your emotions make your decisions for you, or else you’ll be playing on “tilt,” which has caused many a gambler to lose far more than they should. Keep your emotions in check, and you’ll be able to assess the situation in a logical manner, avoiding a poor outcome as best you can.

Top Tip No. 5 – Understand the rules of the game

You should always know the rules of the game you’re playing, but a lot of players tend to just leap before ever taking a look. Slot games may seem simple and straightforward, but many have additional rules that differ from the rest of the online casino games. Read the terms and conditions before you commit to a game; especially as newer titles have a lot of game-specific
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