Blog of no Complacency in Business

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If there is one thing to stray from when involving yourself in business operations, is the feeling of complacency. My 10-week blog has given me a larger insight to the possibilities and expectations of business management. Not only did I blog about business management but also about starting up a business of my own. Collectively, my blog was a learning experience about the business world and all it has to offer. If I could tie together all of the knowledge I have gained from my blog and research I would categorize it as motivation and risk. With an unmotivated attitude you aren’t capable of taking the necessary risks that are pertinent to the field of business. With a field that is based on “getting out what you put in” there is minimal room for a lack of enthusiasm but rather requires self-propelled success. You are the exact determinate to your success or failure when getting yourself involved. I have learned that being successful in business relates a lot to what type of person you are. With something as risky as trying to start up a business, as an individual, you must be willing to take on any risk. Your personality comes into play with business as well because of the connections that must be built to insure cushion for your business. Getting yourself out into the business world and creating endless connections is the epitome of a great businessperson. Another aspect to the great businessperson is the comfort level of risk to their ideas. All ideas you create should be
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