Blogging Should Not Be As Hard As People

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Blogging should not be as hard as people are painting it because with the right tools in place you can efficiently perform any difficult task. There are basically tools to help you with anything you can think of in the world of blogosphere. Whether you are looking for the most demanding tools to create high quality content, craft good page title, promote your content to the right people or convince people to share your content. The below blogging tools are what you need to automate whatever it is you want to do and make your activities so easy. They all loaded with useful features to ensure you get the best experience while using them. 1. GTmetrix Use this tool if you want to get an insight on your website performance. The tool will…show more content…
It shows popularly bookmarked pages on its home page for easy view. You can view bookmarks added by others and can also group link with other users who has similar topics. It allows users to import bookmarks from their web browsers to the site. 4. Google Docs This is a free web based application from Google which allow users to create, edit, save and share documents online and collaborate with other users. You can use it to access your blog posts from anywhere in the world. It includes document list that contain a list of Google docs you 've created and files you 've uploaded. Google doc has a voice typing features that doesn 't need keyboard, it allow you to type, edit and format with your voice. 5. Google Keyword Planner Use this free Keyword tool from Google to search for profitable keywords and ad group ideas for your content. It is an important tool that gives you keyword statistics, show you keyword volume and how the keyword will perform. 6. Google Feedburner This is a web feed management service that provides users with frequently updated content from their favorite blogs, websites and podcasts. Your subscribers can be able to receive latest posts whenever you made a new update. 7. MailChimp This is a useful online email marketing and email list manager you can use to manage subscribers, create newsletters, send emails and track results. It has a strong marketing automation feature that will deliver emails to your targeted audience. 8. FileZilla This
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