Essay Blogging for Emotional Well Being

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Blogging for Emotional Well Being

"Imagine keeping a diary every day, but instead of locking it up and stowing it in your desk drawer, you do the exact opposite. You post it on the Web, letting the entire world -- well, anyone who stumbles upon it, anyway -- inside your head." (Nord)

I am sure that almost everyone at some point in time has received the following advice when feeling down: "Why don’t you write out your thoughts?", "Write a song or a poem.", "Write a letter to a friend, telling what you feel." In effect, ‘write’! Writing is therapeutic. It’s a fact of life that everyone has experienced. Every author, poet, songwriter, speaker we know has written for one simple reason, they need to.

"I caught up on my webreading
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Other times feelings and emotion come out. Losing the sometimes awkward and tiring pencil or pen and replacing it with a keyboard can often result in a brainstorm of emotion and feeling. For example, when I am really on the verge of some serious emotion, I don’t get out my favorite pen and notebook, I go to my laptop and type like a madwoman. There is something simple and flowing about a keyboard.

The keyboard renders one the ability to dialogue with one’s self. Not just with rather, but to. This often allows the writer to be terribly blunt and truthful. ‘You acted really stupid today at work’ or ‘I ate way too much today, I should really be ashamed.’ These sorts of things are relieving to write out. No matter how much truth hurts, it is good to get out into the open.

A posting from a personal blog:

"Personal websites have been the topic of conversation amongst the group I'll call 'work friends'. This led to me saying to (my girlfriend) Carrie that I hadn't pointed any of that group to my website. She said that she didn't know I had a website. I said this, the web log. She said she didn't think of that as a website.

There is a facet of myself that Carrie ignores almost completely, which is represented by this website. It is also a facet I choose not to reveal to most. If this web site cannot be a live part of myself, I might have to amputate."

That’s not the only reason that people put emotion into blogs. When
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