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Social media came from two type of terms which are “social” and “media”. The term of social refer to basic need of human on connect with other human while media refer to which we use to connect with other human. The term social media credited to Chris Shirpel which state that term social media used to describe as online tool and utilities that allow communication of information online, participation and collaboration. In social media there are several categories such as blogs, social networking sites, wikis, podcasting and videocasting and social bookmarking. The first category of social media is blog. Blog is being use by the user as their diary where other people able to comment on it. Other than that blog also being the information…show more content…
During 1980s, Usernets being use by most of user as an online discussion system and also as viewed using which is a news reader. Online services like CompuServe and prodigy have come after BBSs were these were the first online service that attempts on accessing the internet. Other than CompuServe and prodigy other online service that exists in 1985s is Genie. Genie was a text based service other than that Genie provided games, shopping mail, and forums which called as Roundtables. In year 1988, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was develop and it’s been used mostly for sharing file, link sharing, and also keep in touch. Furthermore, in 1997 when been introduced as the first modern social media, it have interact millions of user during that year. SixDegree allowed user to create their profile and also become friend to another user. In 1997 until 2001 many social media tool that being introduced such as AsianAvenues, BlackPlanet, and MiGente. Its function to allowed uses to create personal and user also able to identify their friend profile without approval. In year 2000, social media have greatly transformed the way of interaction of among the user in share their common interest, music, education, movie, friendship and other in using social media. Friendster have bought the huge phenomena in 2002 where these social media able to interact most of the society all over the world to signup. Basically Friendster allowed the user to

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