Blok601 Unit 5 Application Test

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Quick Note: I just got a warning. I posted a video of me 1v1ing with another player. In the thread, I included the IP of the server. I apologize, and I know this will heavily decrease my chances. I am sorry. General Questions In-game username: blok601 Age: I am currently thirteen years old. Gender: I am a male. Location and Timezone: I live in New Jersey, United States of America. Living in New Jersey, I use the Eastern Time Zone. How many staff applications have you made, when was your last application made?: To be honest, I am a little bit pathetic when it comes to making staff applications. This will be my fifth application... My first application - My second application -…show more content…
How long have you been playing on the server?: I have been active on the server for about two and a half years when my friends introduced me to the server. How active are you on the Server?: I am active almost every day, but to be clearer, let me illustrate in more detail my timetable. Spoiler: Timetable Now that it is summer vacation, I am active all day. I literally go outside, and then come inside, check my email for alerts, and then go on the server. ItsJerryandHarry is the only server I play on besides two other smaller servers, so much of my time is dedicated to the server. Here is my summer vacation timetable. Spoiler: "Summer Vacation" It may look copy and pasted six times, but my schedule truly is repetitive. Notice: All times are in Eastern Time! How active are you on the Forums? I normally check the forums scattered throughout the day. I normally will check if I get an…show more content…
I never start another task without finishing the other to the best of my ability. I work hard in everything I do. I strive to be the best person I can be, improving myself in my academic and school life, social life, sports life, and gaming life. I am also very good at adjusting to somebody's skill level. If someone needs help with a math problem, I can help them. If someone needs help teleporting to their base, or their rank or item hasn't registered yet, I can assist them. If someone is new to the server, I can help welcome them in the hub, and give them guidance on their way to becoming a legend on the server, or even if they are only looking through servers and I help them, and if they enjoy their experience, they can tell their friends, and you can have a new twenty to thirty players. First impressions are very important to me. When I joined the server a player was being racist to me through /m, and bluejeanstogo helped me by warning the player or some other form of "scolding" or punishment, and I knew that this was the server for me. You should choose me because not only will I make a good first impression on new players, but I will continue to keep up the same attitude, helping people the whole time I am a member of the staff team. I mentioned earlier that I wasn't very active on the Teamspeak server. If I am recruited to the staff team, I can be more active,

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